The Difference Between Custom and Semi-Custom Homes

The process of building a home does not have to be complicated.   It is a wonderful experience if you are prepared and hire the right builders!  If you are considering custom homes, we want to make clear the differences between custom and semi-custom built homes. 

Custom Built Homes

If you are thinking about building a custom home, one that is unique, unlike any other, then a custom built home may be for you.  Here are some specific advantages and disadvantages to this type of home to help you prepare as you make this important decision. 


                    You are in control of every aspect of the project.

                    Your home is completely unique.

You get to design the floor plan.

                    You choose every feature.

                    You choose your architect and builder.


                    This type of home costs more.

                    A custom home takes longer to build.

                    All of the decision making can become stressful.

                    There could be delays in construction.

A semi-custom home may be for you if you enjoy being involved in the custom features of your home, need to be moved in quicker than a custom home, and have a limited budget.  Here are the advantages and disadvantages of semi-custom homes. 


                    This type of home costs less than a custom home.

                    You can still customize certain features.

                    This type of home takes less time to complete.

                    You won’t have as many decisions to make.

                    It could be less stressful.

                    There are less opportunities for delays. 


                    You are not in control of every feature.

                    You choose from existing floor plans.

                    This type of home is not completely custom. 

                    You don’t have as many options to choose from. 

At Shrock Premier, your dreams are our passion.  We specialize in turning your ideas, and tastes into custom or semi-custom homes.  With exquisite craftsmanship, professional designers and experienced builders, let us turn your dreams into a home you’ll cherish!  Give us a call today.

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