Our Process

While many of the projects we encounter present unique demands, there are core elements of our process that remain consistent. As custom home builders, our process includes flexibility for design and freedom for our client to make changes well into a project. Our process is successful because we do not pressure our clients to make quick decisions, and instead offer our expertise in design, the latest materials, and technology while building to high standards.

Our Process Includes:

  1. Engaging in clear and precise communication with our customers throughout the planning and building process.
  2. Communicating to our customers what the costs of the project will be and what exactly is included in that cost. (Extra costs will be conveyed to our customer before the work is completed so that our customer has the option to stay with their original budgeted amount.)
  3. Giving the customer the opportunity to be as involved in the project as much or as little as they desire.
  4. Ensuring that the process is fun for the customer.
  5. Completing the project in a timely manner.
  6. Respecting our customer, their property, our team members, surrounding property, and our environment.

Our preference is to have our team involved in the early planning stages of your project so that it can develop realistically from your vision and within your budget. This can avoid lost time and unforeseen expenses, or plans that may not transform realistically into the dream you had envisioned.