Custom Home Building Trends In 2023

Building a custom home is like writing a composition filled with your individual dreams and ideas. You write the story and Shrock Premier will make it a reality. Let’s look at several popular ideas you can add to your custom home building story in 2023.


One of the top trends for 2023 is to have a private, separated home office. Many homeowners are now working remotely, at least part time, and need a specific, functional, and comfortable work space in the home. 


The idea of multifunctional spaces is trending this year as recent lockdowns have altered the popularity of open floor plans. Having rooms such as a guest bedroom that converts to a home office or a game-room that can be used for a family movie night allows for incorporating flexibility. 


Another rising trend is to have a space within the home for personal wellness and self-care. These spaces can include a home spa, a personal workout gym, or a yoga room. Combining these spaces with a game room or a recreational space encourages multifunctional uses as mentioned above.


Having a walk-in pantry allows homeowners optimal food storage and convenient access to items they use every day. Creativity with modern accessories can turn a boring pantry space into a useful and trendy one. 


These spaces allow a homeowner to showcase collections in their living areas and accent places they’ve been. It allows them to display themes and interests within the home to create a personal oasis. 


Homeowners are more and more conscious of using sustainable materials in their custom homes. They are using solar panels, geothermal power, smart lighting systems, and energy efficient appliances to name a few. 

We know custom homes and the additions our clients want. Our professionals at Shrock Premier will provide you with quality builders, reputable service, and an unbeatable timeline. Give us a call today to begin writing your custom home story.

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