Construction Laws You Need To Know Before Building A House

In the early stages of planning to build your custom home, there are a few laws and regulations you should be aware of.  Below, we will outline a few to help you stay ahead and obtain the proper paperwork before you begin to build. 


It is very important that you assure that the land you’re planning to build on is approved as a building site.  Having your APN (Assessor’s Parcel Number), you’ll be able to find this information out through your local tax assessor’s office or county recorder’s office. 


Zoning information is available to the public and can assist you in determining what type of building is permitted on your property.   These regulations can be found by contacting your local zoning office. 


It is wise to first gain assurance that your potential custom home is in compliance with local ordinances.  This can be found through your local mayor’s office, commissioner’s office, or department of housing.  Covenants are related to neighborhoods with a HOA-Home Owners Association.  These contracts specify particular regulations regarding the type and size of each home in the area.   Knowing these specifications can assist you in incorporating them into your home plans. 


While zoning regulates land usage, building codes determine correct details of a physical structure.  Your builder, contractor, engineer, etc. will usually ensure that your home meets code, but you can find these building codes in your local government offices. 


Contractors usually secure a building permit for you.  They will submit required documents such as blueprints, list of materials, etc. to the local code office for approval.  Additionally, you may need a plumbing permit, mechanical or grading permit depending on your home plans. 

Knowing your local laws and building regulations can save you from future headaches and construction delays.  Our desire is for you to have a smooth and uncomplicated custom home building experience.  Contact Shrock Premier Custom Construction today!  We’ll build your custom house, you’ll make it a home. 

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