5 Technological Trends In Custom Commercial Construction

Commercial construction has evolved into an industry where technology not only thrives but is incorporated into every aspect of the work. Below, we will discuss how technology trends are emerging in custom commercial construction.


First of all, we ‘almost’ all have one…a smartphone. This handy device allows construction managers to communicate with their crew through texts, emails, and other avenues right from their hands. Updated pictures, paperwork, and instructions can be passed to foremen, laborers, and even property owners for example. 


These flying and spying machines are being incorporated into job site success as they provide real time aerial pictures. These devices can monitor progress, view daily project tasks, and assist in ground grading efficiency.


Replacing an old, unsightly, metal filing cabinet is simple when construction companies integrate digital storage into their work. Easily allowing for online storage of time cards, materials lists, invoices, and other important data, this technology saves time, money, and the headache of looking through files to find what is needed.  


Construction companies are using 3-D printers to manufacture single family homes as well as on demand items such as tools and equipment. It is however very expensive and requires robotics professionals to control.


Not just for gaming anymore, VR allows construction companies to transition 2-D images to the interactive digital domain. This creative technology enables construction personnel and homeowners to experience a digital walk-through prior to the beginning of construction. 

These technological advances in the commercial construction industry have many advantages such as increasing safety, saving time and money, and providing conveniences to successfully complete each project. At Shrock Premier, we are committed to turning your commercial architecture into a superior building. Contact us today and let’s start your commercial construction project together.

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