10 Unique Items To Add To Your Custom Home

The planning stage of building a custom home is the optimal time to decide what “extras” you want to incorporate into your home. Here are 10 items you may not have thought about and they may help you decide if you want to see them added to your custom home. 


If you like the sound of savings and you like the sound of being environmentally friendly, you may want to incorporate additional energy efficiency into your custom home. Items such as eco-friendly water heaters, solar power, and smart lighting systems are a few to consider. 


An up to date and private space in your home that provides comfort and functionality will maximize your productivity if you plan to work from home. Items to include in this space include natural lighting, Wi-Fi connectivity, pivotal storage, and plenty of outlets. 


Planning now for an outdoor relaxation and entertaining space is a step prior to preparing your landscape and outdoor entrances. Incorporating a grilling station, patio furniture, a hot tub or swimming pool, fun lighting, and a source of heat are ways to make the most of this space.


Planning for larger windows in your living area enables more natural light to filter into your home. Natural light helps save money on energy costs, and provides warmth during cooler weather, while subdued with shades in warmer weather. 


With plenty of electrical devices among all family members, it is important to plan for extra outlets in your custom home. Now is the time to plan the placement of outlets according to your family’s activities. 


Our garages are no longer a holding place for just our vehicles. They have become an extra storage space and a place for DIY projects. Increasing the size of your garage allows for a workbench and tool storage area as well as for providing storage for infrequently used items. 


Many custom homeowners are now choosing custom shelving to accent a wall or other space with their collectibles, photos, or other items that bring their personality into the living area. 


This extra luxury can provide a benefit in a bathroom when getting out of the shower or for any room desired. Planning for this ‘extra’ prior to construction is important to install the necessary elements before the floor is complete. 


Two separate his/her walk in closets provide more additional storage and organization. Placing this extra closet space into your plans will ensure both adults have plenty of room for everyday and seasonal clothes. 


Preparing a place where your family can unwind and engage in what interests them is an important addition. This could be through a home theater, a billiards table, or a large table for family game night. 

At Shrock Premier, we are your expert custom home builders, specializing in turning your ideas into reality. We are here to assist you in the design and construction of your home with all the extras you want. Contact us today to get your custom home journey started.  

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