The 7 Step Process of Commercial Construction

So, you’re planning to construct a commercial building? This is no easy task. Here are 7 steps in the process of building a commercial structure.

#1 The Planning Stage

You’ve heard it said that “To fail to plan is to plan to fail.” This is an important reminder of how important the planning stage is.  During this time, you will decide on a location for your structure; consider the cost of the land, decide how accessible it will be for those using the building, consider the accessibility of utilities, soil quality, land surveys, and so much more. You will also determine your budget for the overall project, estimating the general cost of land, laborers, materials and so forth. 

#2 Design Planning Stage

During this time, you will gather an understanding of the building’s layout, number of rooms, size of each room and hallway, the direction the structure will face and its orientation to traffic and its placement on the property for utility purposes. 

#3 Designing Stage

Here, the architectural business occurs. There will be multiple engineers who will inspect the plans, approve codes, and seek permits from the local municipality. Other specialists will evaluate the plans to assure the structure will be stable, safe, and electrically sound.

#4 Pre-Construction Paperwork Stage

The construction foreman will be very busy during this stage, coordinating the whole team for the project. He will seek permits from the local area, hire subcontractors for various elements of the project, facilitate insurance coverage for the team, hire his crew, all while remaining on budget.  

#5 Acquisition Stage

Here, the foreman will acquire all the needed building supplies and finalize the hiring of all team members and assign them to various needs. He must maintain communication among all the parties involved in the project and stay on budget. 

#6 Building Stage

Not only will heavy equipment begin moving about on the site during this stage, but the construction manager will also have storage buildings and temporary offices set up to store supplies and conduct the business of the project. The team will work many hours to complete each step of the construction while the manager coordinates the various subcontractors and their specific jobs, evaluating the work along the way, communicating, and staying on budget and within the timeline.

#7 Completion Stage

At this time, you and the construction manager will meet to assess each aspect of the project, noting what needs changed, added, or completed. The architect will arrive to see that the structure is safe for public/employee presence and provide authentication for its use.  At Shrock Premier, your dreams are our passion.  We specialize in turning your ideas of a commercial structure into a superior building. With our quality craftsmanship, professional experience, and a lasting reputation for integrity, let us build your next commercial structure.  Give us a call today!

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